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About Us

Humanitarian, Author, Trainer and Family Mentor

Gireesh Master is widely recognised as one of India's most electrifying and thought provoking professional speakers. He is a leading expert in creating success breakthroughs for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers, sales professionals, employees and educators. He has helped billions of individuals to achieve their dreams. Master's extraordinary inspirational presentations are fully customized through a unique research process, rich in practical content that you and your people can use immediately, and carefully designed to help individuals to move to all new level of performance, passion, creativity and individual performance.

In the 31 years of his practice as trainer and happiness researcher, Gireesh Master witnesses, and had been fascinated by the influence of abstract factors like thought and beliefs on the physical body. He is the author of seven books including the best sellers Thalayilezhuthum Thirutham and Vijayathinum Parajayathinum Pinnil. He completed more than 4000 workshops and seminars.

Gireesh Master


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